August 2018

VALUE GUIDE: 380 ACP Semi-Auto Pistols

ARTICLE: 380 ACP Shoot Out: Ruger LCP Takes On Remington, Rock Island, August 2016
Rock Island Armory Baby Rock 51912 380 ACP, $356 A Combat shooting gave good results. Accuracy was excellent for a pistol this size.
Ruger LCP 3701 380 ACP, $229 B+ We would pay more for the LCP Custom, which has better sights and trigger.
Remington RM380 Micro 96454 380 ACP, $341 B Heavy stacking of the trigger led to poor accuracy. Sight regulation was also badly off. 
ARTICLE:  New 380 ACPs: Ruger’s LCP-C And Taurus Curve Shoot It Out, October 2015
Ruger LCP-C Custom No. 3740 380 ACP, $419 A The sights and trigger are great improvements over previous versions of the LCP. 
Taurus Curve 180CRVL #1-180031L 380 ACP, $380 C The bottom line is that a pistol without sights isn’t useful, in our opinion. 
ARTICLE: Hot New Pistols from Kimber And Browning Shoot It Out, September 2015
Kimber Micro Carry Advocate Brown 380 ACP, $796 A- The Kimber was well finisAhed and demonstrated excellent reliability and accuracy. 
Browning Black Label 1911-380 051904492 380 ACP, $620 B The Browning is a reliable handgun with familiar operation. Less accurate than the smaller Kimber. 
ARTICLE: A Quartet of Pocket Pistols from SIG Sauer, Glock, Kahr, and Colt, November 2014
Glock 42 380 ACP Subcompact Slimline, $480 B With a Viridian green laser on it, we’d bump up the grade to an A- and probably buy it.
Kahr CW 380 No. 3833 380 ACP, $419 B We didn’t like the sights, the short grip, or the long DAO trigger pull. 
Colt Mustang XSP Pocketlite O6790 380 ACP, $649 C+ This costs a lot of money, and there are many pistols that work better for less money.
SIG Sauer P238 238-380-NBS12 380 ACP, $710 C Its controls should have produced a 1911-like feel, but the inconsistent trigger pull affected accuracy. 
ARTICLE: Follow-Up: 380 ACP Pocket Pistol With Factory-Fitted Laser, January 2014
Ruger LCP-CT 380 ACP, $559 A- Ramp-up time was nil, but to fire the pistol without using the laser was a feat. 
ARTICLE: Follow Up: 380 Pocket Pistols With Factory-Fitted Lasers, September 2013
S&W Bodyguard 380 109380 380 ACP, $419 B The Bodyguard had the best integrated laser sight of all the models tested, easy to turn on.
ARTICLE: Old Against New Pocket Pistol Duel: Mauser HSc vs. Ruger LCP, July 2013
Ruger LCP 380 ACP, $379 B+ The LCP performed with any ammo we loaded into it. The sights are minimal.
ARTICLE: S&W Bodyguards: Revolver Or Semiauto for Self Defense?, June 2013
Ruger LC380 No. 3219 380 ACP, $450 A- The LC380 offers better ergonomics than many smaller 380s.
ARTICLE: Pocket Pistols with Factory Lasers: Walther, SIG, and Ruger, February 2013
Ruger LCP-LM No. 3718 380 ACP, $443 B+ The LCP-LM was an easily concealed pistol; we couldn’t operate the laser switch with one hand.
SIG Sauer P238 Tactical Laser No. 238-380-TL 380 ACP, $829 B- 1911 aficionados liked the P238 for its trigger, and laser activation was easy to perform.

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